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Silicone Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmers

Silicone Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmers

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1. Hot water bottle thermos, portable microwave oven, cute cartoon cat, reusable heating ice cooler, outdoor gift
2. Cute cat shape, cartoon injection hot water bottle can warm hands on waist or abdomen. It can warm you all winter and let love come
3. Made of high-quality silica gel and PA66 material, it is compressive, tensile and explosion-proof. Thermal insulation, comfortable hand feeling. Filling and using water injection design, it is safer without plugs, it is sealed, leak-proof, warm and closed
4. Both cold and heat can withstand -40 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius, hot or cold water in winter, microwave heating to keep warm; cold summer water in the refrigerator, used as an ice pack
5. Creative packaging, environmentally friendly design concept, wave your hand, the box becomes a cute cat-shaped tissue box, the size is suitable for most papers

Product Description:
Silicone thickness: about 3mm
Holding time: 4-8H
Color: blue/pink
Material: Silicone + PA66
Size: 155x108x90mm

Package Contents:
1 * Hand warmer
1 * Instruction manual

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