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Portable Camping Equipment Supplies Cassette Stove

Portable Camping Equipment Supplies Cassette Stove

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Product information:
Color style:
Style A: Single stove
Style B: stove + windproof ring + original suitcase
Style C: Stove + large baking tray (suitable for 4-6 people barbecue)
D style: stove + small baking tray (suitable for 2~3 people barbecue)
Style E: Stove + Japanese Shouxi Pot
F Style: Stove + Maifan Stone Shallow Soup Pot
G style: stove + windproof ring
H style: stove + Iwatani zk-08 frying pan
I style: stove + enamel soup pot
J style: stove + enamel milk pot
Specific specifications: 33.4*29.7*9.4cm
Fuel type: Butane picnic
Stove classification: gas stove picnic
Furnace structure: one-piece

Packing list:
Gas stove picnic *1 set

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