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New winter electric heater mini heater

New winter electric heater mini heater

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Metal mesh cover design
It is not easy to deform, because the heater is forced to supply air,
Therefore, the temperature of the air outlet will not be particularly high,
Don't worry about getting burned.
Centralized air outlet
The temperature rise is obvious, using the aerodynamic principle to design
Count the runners, force the wind wheel to blow out, direct heating
You are polite, with direct-flow air ducts, and the warm air is unobstructed.
One key quick turn off
The side switch is activated by one button, and the power status is clear at a glance
Eye button operation
Eye button, easy and quick operation to keep warm as you want, free choice of warmth
Bottom fence type air inlet
The fine bottom fence ensures that the wind is not
While obstructing, block fingers or foreign objects from touching
It is safer to get injured by the extension system.


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