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High-power heater

High-power heater

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Fan and heating mode: the desktop heater is designed as a combination of heater fans with two output options: heating mode and natural air fan. The heat and air conditioning needed for carrying.
Double safety protection: the office space heater is designed with overturning and overheating protection functions, which will automatically shut down when tripping or overheating, and will not cause accidents. With the advantages of high efficiency, long life and no open fire, it can provide you with safe and long-term experience.
Automatic oscillation and normal operation: press the rotary button and the heater will rotate at an angle of 30 degrees to provide wider and more uniform heating air. In addition, the air heating system works quietly and will not interfere with your sleep, rest, reading, etc.
Warm up anywhere: you can easily move and warm the surrounding space with the built-in handle. You can use it almost anywhere - watch TV under your desk at work, in the bathroom or living room.
Fast heating: Mini space heater is equipped with ceramic PTC heating plate, which can generate a large amount of heating air in 3 seconds. It is very good at keeping your personal space evenly heated.
Product Description:
Dual purpose heating and cooling heating, 3 seconds heating, overheating protection, 3-speed regulation, safety protection, intelligent control, button.
Choose new PTC ceramic heating plate.
Intelligent thermostat: built in intelligent chip to control temperature.
Heating and cooling file settings: hot air, medium hot air, natural wind.
Prevent automatic overheating.
Flame retardant materials
Mini size, can be placed anywhere
All mechanical button
Product specification:

Color black

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